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June Rodgers – The Name’s Bond … Oliver Bond (DVD)


We hope you enjoy this latest DVD from Ireland’s queen of comedy, which was recorded in front of a live(ly) audience at one of June’s favourite venues, the Red Cow Moran Hotel. June presents a wonderful array of hilarious characters; both old favourites and new creations. All of the music, from clever parodies to evergreen standards, is skilfully arranged by one of Ireland’s top musicians, Andy O’Callaghan. Another key element of June’s comedy success is her sharp and witty material. She has worked with a number of top writers over the years, including Martin Higgins, who writes most of her original scripts. Visual comedy is an essential ingredient in any June Rodgers performance, and she is noted for her fantastic and highly original costumes. These one off spectacular pieces are created for June by another long time collaborator, the wonderfully inventive Kathy Kavanagh. No doubt you will have great craic enjoying the DVD and that we will see you in person at one of June’s shows soon.

  1. The bouncers
  2. Da Do Ron Ron / Lets Dance / The Gurrier
  3. The classrom
  4. The ban gardai
  5. pyjama girl
  6. cleaner of the jacks / it’s my party / my boy lollipop / walking back to happiness
  7. Fatman and robin
  8. Patty from bunratty
  9. Oliver bond
  10. I’m still waiting / The happening
  11. The birthyday party
  12. It oughta be band
  13. Song that goes like this
  14. I will survive / Young hearts run free / when will i see you again
  15. The mot and the monster
  16. Turkey
  17. A slap of a sliothar
  18. True colours
  19. Plus out-takes

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June Rodgers Live – From the RED COW Moran Hotel (DVD)


I was standing at the back of the “Drury Lane Theatre” in Chicago, watching June Rodgers on stage. The audience, as usual at June’s shows, were helpless with laughter. Although she is a household name in Ireland, this was June’s first visit to the United States, and she was unknown to this American audience. However, just like her many Irish fans, they found June’s humour to be infectious, knowing no international boundaries, and this Chicago audience could easily identify with her characters and stories as if they were from their own town. Just then it occurred to me, that like all great entertainers, June’s talent, is to be instantly accepted, no matter where the audience is from. Her humour and her sense of fun, is an international thing, to be shared and enjoyed by everyone, and this audience was discovering something that Irish audiences have known for some time, that in an evening in the company of “June Rodgers” is a fun event which we all need to experience whenever we can. I knew on that night in Chicago, that we were seeing the beginning of a great international career. A career that follows the great tradition of Irish Comedy, established by Jimmy O’Dea, Jack Cruise and Maureen Potter. Their art could not be in better hands, whether in Dublin, Cork, Chicago or Timbuktu. Tony Kenny


  1. The pride of the Ban-Gardai
  2. Come fly with me.
  3. Aon, do, tri
  4. The feis
  5. It’s only a game
  6. Little mad riding hood
  7. Christmas alphabet
  8. playing around
  9. Horse of a girl
  10. That’s what friends are for
  11. The cookery lesson
  12. Christmas at grannys
  13. Dolly parton (I lean)
  14. Elvis (In rialto)
  15. Tina turner (brutal dancer)
  16. Shirley bassey (I’m a star)

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June Rodgers – Whatever (DVD)


I can’t believe it’s four years since I fronted my own cabaret show! But I have missed it! So when the opportunity arose to work again with my friends at the Red Cow Moran Hotel, I jumped at the chance. So to coincide with my return to my old stomping ground, I decided to release this DVD. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. I was so pleased when my good friends Derek Mooney and Dermot O’Neill agreed to suffer for my art, not to mention the irrepressible Senator David Norris. My other co-stars Brenda Brooks and Vincent Broderick are also long-time friends of mine, and wonderful talents to boot. So I hope you enjoy it and if you don’t. June Rodgers


  1. The autograph
  2. Diners
  3. Snow white
  4. Sicko
  5. School is awful
  6. Can’t say goodbye to you
  7. First holy communion
  8. News
  9. Panto audition
  10. Plug city
  11. Rapunzel
  12. Santa’s little helper
  13. Ozone
  14. Crime time
  15. 60s medley
  16. Plus: Out-takes!

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Live From The Red Cow Moran Hotel (CD)


I first met June Rodgers in early 1992, when we were both idealistic amateurs involved in the John Player Tops. Shortly afterwards June turned professional, and together we embarked on a long partnership that had both acclaim and heartache in equal measure – she got all the acclaim and I got all the heartache. I’m joking of course! Working with June these past twelve years has been great craic!

Being a scriptwriter is a bit like being a fashion designer – the material doesn’t look much on paper, but put it on a Naomi Campbell and it’s a wow. Now this may be the first time that Ms Rodgers has been compared to Naomi Campell, but June is a supermodel – a supermodel on the toughest catwalk of all – the comedy stage.

Whether in the Gaiety panto or on the cabaret stage in the Red Cow Moran Hotel, June’s sidesplitting routines have brought aches of laughter to young and old alike.

But there’s another side to June that’s perhaps better known to those who have had the privilege of working with her. She is thoughtful and generous of spirit and always the consummate professional.

D’ya know wha She’s the business!

Martin Higgins August 2004

  1. Cheap bananas
  2. Frostie
  3. A short story
  4. Trying for ireland
  5. Fever
  6. The christmas fairy
  7. Ring of fire
  8. The breathalyser bag
  9. Save the best for last
  10. Christmas is no crack
  11. Carmel verandah
  12. Waiting outside the dail
  13. Patty from bunratty

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